The Zayed Energy Futures Team joined 17 other schools from around Tasmania to share their actions on climate change over 2020. This was shared through Zoom. The students were proud to present their initiative in developing a Virtual Trail of Renewable Energy Innovators in the Huon Valley. The video was produced by Annie Venables featured a micro hydro system, a tracking solar system and an off-grid tri generation business using a waste wood.

Tracking Solar System at Lucaston
Filming Mike Fewings on site at the micro hydro system.
The nine kW solar system that supplements the Micro hydro and enable Mike Fewings to be self sufficient with his energy needs.
Bodie Cananagh of Dove Tail Timbers in Glen Huon works off grid, has a bio diesel system, rescues timber and uses the waste from the processing for his kilns.

The Zoom Link

Tasmanian Youth Climate Leaders