On Thursday, 24 June 2021 the Zayed Team organised a slow fashion parade in the lead up to a swap shop the following Friday. Clothes adorned by the volunteers were donated generously by Salvos Huonville, where the participants were able to handpick their outfits.

Three year 8s in their handpicked formal dresses from Salvos Huonville.
Never say second-hand isn’t fashionable!

The amount of new energy needed to produce vintage clothing is zero! Shopping second-hand makes fashion more sustainable!

A collection of students and teachers in their outfits for the slow fashion parade.
The energy of the participants was magnificent!

We think about recycling and phasing out single-use plastic. We should think about our clothing choices in the same way. The global fashion industry is responsible for 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Making wise clothing choices is one important way we can reduce our impact. Our student and staff models chose casual and formal wear to huge applause from the packed venue.

A team member and Nel standing next to our swap shop mascot.
Our swap shop mascot, currently unnamed!

The swap shop held the following Friday was filled with the clothes the models had worn and more donations from Salvos and the community. We had books, toys, and even a plant!

Slow Fashion Parade