Leaders of the Tour

Celebrating Science Week, the Zayed Huon Energy Futures Team, in collaboration with the Trade Training Centre, Circular Economy Huon and the Huon Valley Council won funding for Sustainable STEM Tours of the Huon Valley. The events showcased employment opportunities, training and education pathways in STEM in progressive local businesses. The bus tours visited innovators in problem solving for creative solutions including mechanical engineering with a million-dollar bio-char machine at Dove Tailed Timbers, IT and regenerative agriculture at Valleyfield, a 3 million dollar plastics recycling plant at Mitchel’s Plastics and large scale Solar Systems.

The first tour was a ‘practice tour’ with enthusiastic students from the Trade Training Centre. The main Science Week Tour was held on Saturday 20 August with over 30 participants. Students from the Zayed Team managed the day with welcomes, introductions, thank yous, time keeping and catering.

The events were documented by experienced film producer Robert Alcock, formally from SBS, who generously volunteered his time. The vidoes will showcase practical STEM in action with business leaders sharing their stories of problem with creative STEM solutions and will be used to promote the school and create footage for career promotion in the Huon Valley.

The Bio Char Machine at the Glen Huon Sawmill

Science Week 2022 STEM Tour: Sustainable Businesses of the Huon Valley
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