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Our social media pages are managed by the Zayed Huon Energy Futures Team and senior staff of Huonville High School.

The focus of our social media pages is to promote events and celebrate the achievements of the Zayed Huon Energy Futures Team with the wider community. Posts will not be approved and will be deleted if they are offensive, in bad taste or use inappropriate language for a general audience.

We recommend that your posts and comments including photos, graphics and videos should:

1. Keep your personal information private.

2. Protect you against unwanted contact.

3. Build positive digital reputations.

4. Model respectful communication and online etiquette.


No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy, completeness, or relevance to the user’s purpose, of information posted to our social media pages and those using it for whatever purpose are advised to verify it with the relevant Commonwealth or State government department, local government body or other source and to obtain any appropriate professional advice.

Any links to other websites that have been included on our social media pages are provided for your convenience only. Our social media pages does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, availability, or appropriateness to the user’s purposes, of any information or services on any other website.

If you have any questions regarding use of material available on our social media pages please contact or phone 03 6264 0800.