The Zayed Team all stand around a table covered in pizza, pies and strawberries.
The Team celebrate their hard work after the STEM Expo.

The Zayed Huon Energy Futures Team are a group of hardworking students at Huonville High School who focus on making our future more renewable and sustainable. We meet every Friday at lunchtime (between 12:40 to 1:15) in our Energy Hub, which is a dental clinic refurbished into a model for renewable energy and low-carbon.

We are motivated by the climate crisis as it appears in our everyday life. The Black Summer of 2019-20, the 2021 flooding in New South Wales, and many other smaller effects of global warming.

In a student survey from 2021, 31% of students at Huonville High School believed climate change was a major risk to our lifestyle now and 88% believed it would become a risk sometime in the future. In addition, 63% believe something should be done about climate change now.

The Zayed Team aim to create awareness of climate change and the drastic consequences it can have on our life and world. We also work towards reducing our carbon footprint and climate change, no matter how small a difference we can make. We truly believe the actions of young people can make a real change in our world. The more young people that demand climate justice, energy efficiency and sustainability, the more change will be made.